Biological Activity, Soil Structure and Soil Nutrients

Nature's Select cares for your lawn on three fronts, not just one. All lawn care companies care for your lawn through application of Soil Nutrients, but most stop there. The Select Program also improves the Biological Activity in the soil (for sustainability and to improve nutrient availability) and the Soil Structure (for improved root growth and water retention). Together they create a more sustainable, healthier environment for grass growth.

The Select Program works with Nature, not against it

An integrated approach based on biological principles works better than the alternative. The biological approach works with nature. A total chemical dependency works against nature.
— Bill Hildebolt, PhD, CLT, CTP-CSL, Founder of the Nature’s Select Program

“Traditional” lawn care company programs are built around chemical dependency (high-nitrogen fertilizer applications). The Select Program is built around creating a healthy, sustainable soil for grass to thrive in, with less dependence on high-dose fertilizers. As soil health improves the soil helps to feed the grass. We only need to put back what the soil uses to feed the grass.

Create healthy growth while minimizing excessive growth

Tons of nitrogen will create green grass, but will also stimulate growth the roots can’t sustain in times of stress (drought, high temperatures, sudden loss of nitrogen applications). The growth promoted by high nitrogen is also more susceptible to disease and is more attractive to insect pests. Our measured biological approach encourages naturally lush and healthy growth.

Apply Nutrients at the Right Time and in the Right AMounts

The Select Program applies biological components at the right times of the year for the soil and grass to take advantage of them based on the season and natural soil activity. We “spoon feed” nutrients and biological components to the grass to maximize uptake and minimize runoff

You’ll have visible results in a comparable time to traditional programs

Building a great, healthy soil takes time, and long-term Select customers have built deep, healthy, resilient soil. While we build sustainable soil, we are also applying nutrients for immediate results. Nature's Select regularly includes nutrients that other companies don’t to get better results (improved color, healthy root growth, enhanced nutrient uptake) with less excessive growth.