Nature's Select is a different kind of lawn care company. As a local lawn care provider, we believe in improving soil health while providing the best lawn care service available.

With our environmentally friendly Select Lawn Care Program, which is one-of-a kind in the industry, you don't have to choose between a green lawn and a "green" lawn.

The Select Lawn Care Program actually builds and improves your soil over time with our exclusive biologically-sourced formulas, resulting in healthy, resilient grass. 

From fertilizing and weed and disease control to lawn aeration, seeding or complete lawn renovation, our professionally trained technicians deliver visible results and superior lawn care service. 

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The Select Program cares for your lawn on three fronts, not just one. All lawn care companies care for your lawn through application of Soil Nutrients, but most stop there. The Select Program also improves the Biological Activity in the soil (for sustainability and to improve nutrient availability) and the Soil Structure (for improved root growth and water retention). Together they create Renewable Lawncare™ a more sustainable, healthier environment for grass growth.

An integrated approach based on biological principles works better than the alternative. The biological approach works with nature. A total chemical dependency works against nature.
— Bill Hildebolt, PhD, CLT, CTP-CSL, Developer of the Select Program