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For a limited time we’re offering new clients the first application for just $19.99 when you sign up for an annual Select Lawn Care program!

Nature’s Select offers lawn care services in Greensboro and surrounding areas. As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, our products have been professionally developed based on over twenty years of experience with the soils of this region. Our lawn care is tailored to provide you with outstanding results and our technicians take customer service seriously.

What does the Nature’s Select Program do?

Works with Nature, not against it

“Traditional” lawn care programs are built around chemical dependency and are primarily built around high-nitrogen fertilizer applications. The Select Program is built around creating a healthy, sustainable soil for your grass and landcape plants to thrive in, with less dependence on high-dose fertilizers. As soil health improves, the soil helps to feed your grass, trees & shrubs.

Supports a healthy soil microbiome

You have a microbiome, and so does your soil. The Select Lawn Care Program recognized that the microorganisms in the soil are essential for plant health even before recent research showed how critically important microbiomes are to almost all living systems. For both people and soil, the system is only as healthy as it's supporting microorganisms.

Minimizes nutrient runoff

The Select Lawn Care Program applies biological components at the right times of the year for grass and landscape plants to take advantage of them based on the season and natural soil activity. We “spoon feed” nutrients and biological components to maximize uptake and minimize runoff. The biological additives also increase the organic content of soil. High organic content helps keep excess nitrogen and phosphorous out of the environment by binding to nutrients and keeping those nutrients available to your plants.

Increases drought tolerance

An additional benefit of our biological additives is that as they improve the soil structure, they allow the soil to hold oxygen and water better. More oxygen results in improved root development, and better water holding means more water available to those roots. Together, more roots and more available water means better performance in drought situations.

Produces visible results

Building a great, healthy soil takes time, and long-term Select customers have built deep dark soil that is healthy and sustainable. While we build sustainable soil for long-term health, we are also applying nutrients for immediate results. Nature's Select regularly includes nutrients that other companies don’t to get better results (improved color, healthy root growth, enhanced nutrient uptake) with less excessive growth.

Can reduce the need for supplemental pest controls

Healthy and vigorous grass and landscape plants are less susceptible to weeds, insects and diseases than unhealthy, stressed plants. As soil and plant health improve, weeds, insects, and diseases are reduced. With continued use of the Select Program, the need for supplemental controls may be reduced as your lawn and landscape become healthier and more resistant.

Creates a beautiful, healthy and vibrant landscape!

When we feed the soil sustainably, the soil gives back as Nature intended, resulting in a beautiful lawn and landscape that your family will enjoy!

With our environmentally friendly Select Program, which is one-of-a kind in the industry, you don't have to choose between a green lawn and a "green" lawn. The Select Program actually improves and builds soil, resulting in healthy, resilient grass and fewer weeds. 

From weed and disease control to lawn aeration, seeding or complete lawn renovation, our exclusive formulas and professionally trained technicians deliver superior lawn care service and visible results.   


$19.99 for your first Application!

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Limited time offer open to new customers and current customers not taking advantage of our annual lawn, shrub or mosquito programs. Promotional offer applies to lawns up to 5000 square feet when you choose an annual program of 5 or more applications and will be pro-rated for larger areas. Offer good through Nature's Select Piedmont service center only and ends March 31.
Nature's Select is a locally owned and operated company serving Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Colfax and surrounding areas. We now serve McLeansville, Whitsett, Elon, Burlington, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill & surrounding communities!

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