At Nature's Select, we believe that a healthier landscape means a healthier quality of life for you and your family. Our passion is to maintain outdoor spaces to improve the quality of life for your family and community with high-quality lawn care services and plant health care options.

What Sets Nature's Select Apart?

The Nature's Select Lawn Program cares for your lawn on three fronts, not just one. Sure, we provide all the basic Soil Nutrients your lawn needs, but we don't stop there. The Nature's Select Program also improves the Biological Activity in the soil (for sustainability and to improve nutrient availability) and the Soil Structure (for improved root growth and water retention). Together they create a nutritionally and structurally integrated environment for sustainable grass growth.

Every part of the Nature's Select Program is integrated for optimum soil and plant health.

So What Does That Mean?

Not only do we make sure your lawn receives the essential nutrients to be green, we include a special blend of natural and biologically-sourced ingredients that:

  • Helps your lawn fight disease

  • Helps your lawn resist drought

  • Reduces water and nutrient runoff

  • Encourages thick, healthy growth

  • Encourages deeper rooting

  • Reduces excess growth

  • Improves the soil biosphere-an important assistant in healthy, sustainable grass growth

  • Improves soil water-holding capacity

An integrated approach based on biological principles works better than the alternative. The biological approach works with nature. A total chemical dependency works against nature.
— Bill Hildebolt, PhD, CLT, CTP-CSL, Developer of the Select Program

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